Method Acting is a form of the art in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part. It is based on the system evolved by Stanislavsky which was brought into prominence in the US in the 1930’s. It is associated with actors such as Marlon Brando, Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale and Dustin Hoffman.

You now have a unique opportunity to learn from a much loved, experienced actor how to create real characters, with real emotions, real perceptions and real depth.

Paul Danan, who has undoubtedly immersed himself in every role he has ever portrayed, is offering classes to adults, which are designed to engage and challenge abilities, whilst building upon tried and tested techniques, bringing real depth to any part you may play or aspire to play.

Method Acting draws on a range of training that seeks to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances, it is living and acting creatively.

The 8 week set of sessions will give you a proper understanding of method acting, by giving you access to techniques to take away and practice along with tips and tricks imparted by the experience Paul has picked during his long career. These will in turn help you take your acting career further.

With an in-depth introduction, and a truly inspiring course instructor, together we can really develop your talent.

Commencing in October 2018 – You can find out more about the Paul Danan Acting School Adult Classes by emailing Paul direct for information (Click image below)



The Paul Danan Acting School re-opens very soon, With Paul himself leading the classes.
Contact the School direct by clicking here - EMAIL THE PDAS